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The Omega Infinity Family is Here!

The Omega Infinity Family is Here!

Craig Page |

If you’ve been following our recent blog posts, you’ll know that one of the latest and greatest LEDs to make it to market recently is the Omega Infinity 3.0 Pro 600w grow light – a 600w full spectrum LED strip light with unrivalled efficiency and an incredible price.

Since then, the people over at Omega have been working hard to expand on this range and bring even more great-value lighting options to the grower. Now the wait is finally over…. Introducing the Omega Infinity 200w, Omega Infinity 300w and Omega Infinity 1000w LED grow lights!

All of the grow lights within this range offer full-spectrum light, with 4 dimming settings (OFF-25%-50%-75%-100%), making them a versatile option for a wide range of plant species, growing areas and life cycle stages.


Omega Infinity 200w

The Omega Infinity 200w LED grow light will provide ideal flowering coverage for 80cm x 80cm grow areas but is also suitable for up to 1m x 1m vegetative areas. Coming in at an impressive 2.7umol/J, you’ll get top performance and efficiency as well as unrivalled light spread, so you know you’re getting the absolute best results from the time and energy you’re putting in.


Omega Infinity 300w

Following the same design principle and efficiency specifications, the Omega Infinity 300w is the bigger brother to the 200w and designed for 1m x 1m flowering/fruiting areas (although we think it'll be great in 90cm x 90cm areas too). This light will also easily handle 1.2m x 1.2m vegetative areas, making it a great all-round grow light.

Additionally, both the Omega Infinity 200w and 300w lights are fantastic choices for larger rooms requiring multiple fixtures; it’s simply a case of ensuring the right number of lights are use and that they’re spaced out appropriately. Multiple smaller fixtures are arguably a better choice than just a few larger fixtures when it comes to larger grow spaces, as the extra space up top offers greater access for the grower and greater flexibility for changing plant numbers and layouts while still offering great canopy penetration that comes with multiple light sources.


Omega Infinity 3.0 Pro 1000w

Finally, we get to the biggest boy of the family! This is a seriously big, bright and powerful grow light that is not for the feint hearted! Coming in with a PPF (total light output) of 3099umol/s and an efficiency of 3.0umol/J, we recommend this 1000w light for experienced growers and is best utilised with a hydroponics system alongside supplemental CO2. Plenty of head height is needed with this light also. Suitable for 1.5m x 1.5m up to 2m x 2m flowering spaces.


If you'd like to find out more about any of these lights, more information can be found in their respective listings, by following the links provided above. Alternatively, feel free to call us or visit us in store for more detailed advice and to see these in action!