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Unleash The Power of The Trident!

Unleash The Power of The Trident!

Craig Page |

Introducing the all new IWS Trident System! This innovative and revolutionary new Flood and Drain design does away with cumbersome trays while also providing space under the pots for irrigation pipework to run, freeing up large amounts of floor space in the grow room for additional equipment such as heatershumidifiers/dehumidifiers and circulation fans. This system also comes packed with upgraded components and features for increased growth rates, vigour and yield.


Fabric Inner Pots

To start with, the most obvious change from the original Flood & Drain system is that the inner pots are now made of fabric and are larger (16L and 25L respectively). There are several benefits to replacing the traditional punched, aqua and culture pots with fabric pots. Firstly, the larger capacity afforded by this design better supports larger plants and rootzones, while also providing a more effective ‘air pruning’ effect which avoids root circling and encourages new root growth from within the base of the plant.

Secondly, fabric pots provide excellent filtration for all types of media, ensuring that smaller fibres and particles found in coco coirsoil potting mixes and unwashed hydroton don’t find their way back into the return pipe and feed tank, keeping your nutrient solution clean and free of particles that can harbour bacteria and clog pumps over time. This flexibility of this pot also means that growers can change or experiment with different media mixes without the need to purchase different types of inner pot.

Finally, because fabric pots are so versatile and make a great standalone pot for hand watering, it's easier to simply transfer already established vegetated plants straight into the system and get flowering right away, potentially saving time on your grow cycle.

Outer Pots

Arguably the main innovation with the IWS Trident System is the outer pot. This new pot essentially integrates the pot stand while also accommodating pipework to run underneath instead of alongside, simplifying setup and maintenance while also reducing the system’s overall footprint. This well thought-out design also incorporates tie-back rings: prefabricated holes around the top lip which accommodate plant ties for training your plants to produce an even canopy throughout vegetative growth and early flowering stages.

The new internal design of the outer pot now features a number of Root Rods, which raises the inner fabric pot up above the inside base of the outer pot, ensuring an air gap (for maximum oxygen) while also diverting and attracting any roots growing out of the bottom of the inner pot through a large surface area, encouraging them to grip onto each root rod and thus reducing the chance of roots finding their way into the return pipes.

Upgraded Irrigation

With high-quality 25mm (23mm internal) pipe and fittings as standard, alongside an upgraded 3000L/hr pump, this system can easily and rapidly move large volumes of water, suitable for up to 48 pots. With the new outer pot design, you’ll also be able to run this irrigation neatly through the bottom of your pots (should you wish), giving you the best of both worlds. You'll also benefit from upgraded Tee pieces, Elbows and Grommets. Expanding the number of pots used in the system is also easy too; simply purchase and add on additional inner and outer pots as needed, simply replacing the end elbow piece with a Tee and continuing along the irrigation line.


Remote Timer

The IWS Trident System comes with a remote timer as standard (which is traditionally sold as an upgrade for the original Flood & Drain or comes standard with the Pro system, not only giving you full access to make adjustments to the flood and drain cycle from outside of the grow room at any stage (instead of having to climb into your grow room to access the brain), but also giving you precise minute feed time control (1-15 minutes) in combination with the 15 minute segmental timer on the left hand side.


Overall, this is a great system suitable for existing IWS growers wanting to upgrade their older Flood & Drain system and new growers alike. Incredibly simple to set up and use, you’ll be on your way to bumper yields in no time!

Take a look at our Unboxing and Assembly video for a closer look!


Tips for use

  • Make use of the lubricant included with these kits when joining irrigation components, while also soaking the ends of the pipe in hot water to soften.
  • Make full use of the additional minute dial control on the remote brain timer, especially when plants are young.
  • Consider using Gold Label 60/40 for excellent results!
  • Use OxyPlus or Silver Bullet Roots alongside your nutrient regime to help protect against root pathogens.