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IWS Trident

This new-to-market Flood and Drain system is the ultimate hydroponic upgrade. Say goodbye to cumbersome stands while reaping the benefits of cloth pots. This system is ideal for growers looking for larger pots than the IWS Flood & Drain Pro Remote but with a simplified set up, leading to healthier plants and increased yield.

The IWS Trident pot is the latest development from IWS. Trident simplifies system set-up due to the use of rubber grommets, push-fit fittings and a built-in stand. By removing the need for additional components, IWS Trident is quick and easy to set up as part of a system.

Features including the central, bottom feed port; root rods and tie-back rings allow plants to grow bigger, stronger, and more luscious than traditional pots. Additionally, IWS Trident comes with cloth inner pots, meaning Trident is suitable for any media type.

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